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the journey towards living your authentic self  



We are amazing and unique, designed to live the full expression of who we are. On my journey of self discovery, I've studied various spiritual and modern coaching approaches which enable you to tap into your true authentic self. My experience as a Director of Human Resources for two decades has led me to coach individuals and teams, unlocking their potential and supporting their growth. My adventurous spirit is dedicated to sharing the wisdom that liberates and empowers individuals to reconnect to their Unique Outrageous Beautiful Self.

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Unlocking The Why of You

Living by Design

Begin to live your masterpiece by understanding what your Unconscious Motivators are that drive your behavior. The Living By Design 4 week online course will use one of the biggest breakthrough tools for uncovering your key behavioral motivators.


Learn about your own path  

The breakthrough method developed by the Paul Hertz Group



The PRINT® method identifies your unconscious motivators, offering tremendous insight into your individual needs that drive and enable you to become the juiciest full version of yourself. 


PRINT®  uncovers a deeper level of understanding of why we act as we do, why we make certain choices, why we are attracted to certain things and why we function better in certain situations.​


PRINT® focuses on causation, explaining the “why” behind your behavior.

Discovering your “why” accelerates successful growth and transformation enabling you to chose behaviors that allow you to live your Best Authentic Self.

PRINT Reports



Take the Online Assessment to receive your Trigger Report and Coaching Session 

Your PRINT report outlines your Unconscious Motivators, revealing what you look like when these are satisfied (your Best Self) and not satisfied (your Stressed or Shadow Self).

In addition, you will receive your tailored Trigger Report. This report uncovers the environmental factors – others’ actions and situations around you – that can feel like an attack on your Unconscious Motivators and bring out your Shadow tendencies.


Report Options

PRINT Report with Trigger Report and Private Coaching Session


PRINT Report with Trigger Report and Role Alignment PLUS Private Coaching Session


This report also contains your Role Alignment report. This is a strategic tool to help you maximize Best Self and minimize Shadow by evaluating the degree of alignment between your Unconscious Motivators and your current professional role or ones you may be considering, such as a promotion or a role change.


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Get an instant PRINT overview with Best Self behavior, Shadow behavior and Superpower for each PRINT: 

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