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Unlocking The Why of You

Living By Design

Begin to live your masterpiece by understanding what your Unconscious Motivators are that drive your behavior. The Living By Design 4 week online course will use one of the biggest breakthrough tools for uncovering your key behavioral motivators.

In this course, you will learn and receive: 

  • The 9 Major PRINT® and their Unconscious Motivators, revealing what you look like when these are satisfied, your Best Self and when they are not, your Shadow Behavior.

  • Tailored Trigger Report which uncovers the environmental factors that can cause you to go into Shadow Behavior.


  • Proven Neuroscience tools and strategies for reframing triggers and permanently reducing Shadow Behavior.


  • Strategies to stay in Best Self even in the most challenging environment.


  • Best Self Communication Strategies for all the PRINT® along with their Communication Blind Spots.


  • Rewiring a New Mind by breaking the Thought-Emotion Loop.


  • Private 1:1 coaching session with Annette to release a limiting belief/behavior.


  • PRINT® workbook with additional resources to stay in Best Self

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